Launched in December 2017, the Newberry Bands Da Capo Campaign is a capital funding drive meant to repair and replace the badly deteriorated instrument supplies at Newberry High School and Newberry Middle School.

Taken from the Italian musical term, da capo essentially means "from the top" -- a piece of music repeats itself and retraces the steps that brought you to that point. The music already played is not erased or undone, but the players reprise it and add new layers of meaning.

In much the same way, the Newberry Bands must rebuild. Memories, traditions, and legacies carry on from the boom and bustle of the band's first 50 years, but instruments are not so durable. 

Below is a spending plan for the capital fund. Donations to the fund (including those made online through the "Donate" buttons at the top and bottom of this page) are exclusively earmarked for the instruments listed within this document. No capital funds will be applied to operating costs or other expenses. Your trust is crucial to this campaign, and we must be as open and transparent as possible.